Basic Policy

TOYO will contribute to the sustainable development of corporate value and the sustainability of the global society based on our mission of "Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community".

In response to various issues, TOYO will fulfill our unique role as an engineering company by providing solutions that realize the harmony between the supply of energy and materials and global environmental conservation, which are indispensable for the sustainable growth of the global community.

TOYO is committed to addressing environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) issues and sustainability based on the materiality of "Aim to realize an environmentally friendly society", "Enrich people's lives", "People of diverse backgrounds engage in active, meaningful work" and "Establish an organization with integrity and discipline".

Relation with other policies

Under the corporate philosophy (MVV), Materiality, Toyo's code of conduct and Sustainability Basic Policy are prescribed and translated those into Management strategy as shown below.

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