Aim to realize and environmentally-friendly society​

Pursuit of low environmental impact plants​​

TOYO is involved in engineering and construction of plants with low environmental impact, centering around energy conservation at plant operation. Since its founding, our core product of “urea process” has been refined as a selective licensor, providing customers around the world with ACES21®, an energy-saving urea synthesis technology, and granulation technology. In addition, we have developed and supplied the SUPERHIDIC® distillation system and , HERO,an energy-saving consulting service for the entire plant, as technologies to promote energy conservation in a wide range of petroleum refining and petrochemical plants.
In the area of social infrastructure area, we are contributing to realize a society that is friendly to the global environment by constructing a number of mega-solar power plants and biomass thermal power plants, which are expected to be clean energy.

Contribution to the realization of a recycling-oriented society​​

A recycling-oriented society in which waste is recycled and utilized to resources is said to be the ideal of a sustainable world. It is our primary responsibility as an engineering company that to provide solutions for “Stable supply of clean energy” & “Building an industrial base”, which are indispensable for social activities and material recycling. In particular, we believe that we have a significant role to play in achieving total optimization from a global perspective. Realizing a system to optimally manage energy and materials is an important element in eliminating as much waste as possible and recycling.
TOYO, as a company that is familiar with the chemical and energy industries, will work together with customers in these industries to create new societies and lifestyles, while contributing to a low-carbon society and realizing affluent lifestyles in the resilient society.

Reduction and treatment of waste​

We continue to process and dispose of pollutants and hazardous materials by thoroughly sorting construction waste at construction sites both in Japan and overseas, and by educating and instructing on-site management and auditors from specialized departments to ensure that pollutants are not removed from the premises. Since acquiring ISO 14001 certification in 2004, we have maintained our KPI of "Zero Environmental Accidents". Especially at construction sites in Japan, the recycling rate has been 91% or more since 2013.

Our Commitment

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