In emerging countries such as Asia and Africa, traffic congestion due to overcrowding of the city is becoming increasingly serious, and demand for "railway" as "environmentally friendly mass transportation means" is increasing.
TOYO is working on railway projects (transportation systems) by making full use of its engineering and project management capabilities, which have been cultivated through the construction of large-scale plants, long-distance pipelines and other infrastructure.

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The construction of transportation systems for railway projects requires advanced "system integration capabilities" that combine a variety of different technologies into a single system. This is the true value of an engineering company, and TOYO provides the services required for transportation systems as a "one-stop" service by utilizing its expertise in various fields such as electricity, communications, control, machinery, civil engineering, and architecture.

Jakarta, Indonesia subway (MRT) project

In 2015, TOYO was awarded E&M (Electrical & Mechanical) system (whole railway system excluding rolling stock and civil structures) for Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT) for Jakarta city in Indonesia (15.2km, 13 Stations), with the consortium formed by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Kobe Steel, Ltd., and our local affiliate PT. IKPT, and completed within year 2019.
The project, as the first Metro line in Indonesia, is a breakthrough project exported to south-east Asia for the first time promoted as Yen-loan assisted railway system project introducing the cutting-edge Japanese railway technology. Although this was TOYO's first railway project, we were able to meet the customer's expectations and complete the project on schedule by fully demonstrating our project management and engineering capabilities and overseas project execution know-how that we have cultivated over many years.

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TOYO will continue to work on railway projects to contribute to alleviating urban traffic congestion and preventing global warming.

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