Toyo Engineering Corporation and its group companies (hereafter called TOYO) recognize that not only complying with all relevant laws and regulations with regard to HSE, Quality and Information Security, but also satisfying the requirements ith regard to them called for by our clients and society are indispensable prerequisites for us to conduct business activities and to fulfill our social responsibilities, and abide by the following basic policies:

  1. HSE
    1. Continuously confirm and share the consensus that “Safety takes precedence over all other considerations,” and realize and maintain safe and healthy conditions in all workplaces.
    2. Strive to complete all jobs with no accidents and no harm to people by enforcing preventive safety measures.
    3. Endeavor to provide our personnel with work environments and opportunities that enable them to maintain and improve their mental and physical health through encouraging them to participate in HSE issues.
    4. Take appropriate safeguards against threats and risks to business assets.
    5. Minimize environmental burden by saving resources and energy, detoxifying, reducing and recycling waste, and by preventing environmental pollution during the course of our work activities.
  2. Quality
    1. Provide high-quality products and services that take care of HSE and meet the requirements of our clients and society.
    2. Comply with TOYO rules, and make maximum use of our high-tech application capabilities and engineering technologies.
  3. Information Security
    1. Maintain confidentiality of information assets that TOYO owns and controls, protect them against destruction or alteration, and ensure they are available on demand.
    2. Prevent information security incidents and, if an incident occurs, investigate the cause and implement corrective actions.
    3. Establish and maintain information security control plans and measures necessary for business continuity.
  4. Establish and continually improve the effectiveness of management systems, including objective setting, hazard identification, risk evaluation, determination of countermeasures, execution control and review, and education, training and ensure employee engagement, in line with management’s firm belief that the securement of HSE, Quality and Information Security is a prerequisite for business continuity.

These policies shall apply to all staff members of TOYO in any region and country. TOYO will also share the spirit defined by these policies with clients, licensers, business partners, and other related parties, and cooperate with them to achieve these objectives.

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