Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community

CEO Message

Since 1961, TOYO has been contributing to development of industrial bases around the world by executing EPC projects with its engineering expertise. With TOYO’s Group Mission defined in 2009 as “Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community”, we declared that TOYO shall be the Engineering company that resolves a wide variety of challenges of customers and that can provide solutions emphasizing "supply of energy and materials" and "harmony with global environmental conservation", either of them is indispensable for sustainable growth of the global community.
Due to serious climate change in recent years, devastating natural disasters are occurring in many quarters of the globe. We recognize that we shall proactively engage in sustainable activities. In April 2020, TOYO Group decided to review its corporate activities to set up its Materiality from the perspective of the SDGs adopted by the United Nations (17 Goals to transform the World by 2030).
We have extracted four ranges of Materiality such as "Aim to an environmentally-friendly society.", "Enrich people's lives", "People of diverse backgrounds engaging in active, meaningful work.”, and "Establish an organization with integrity and discipline." as TOYO Group’s.
In my words, I mean the Engineering is that “By combining, integrating, and deepening the elemental technologies that humanity has evolved over the years, to meet the performance requirements and to realize technical solutions, and moreover, to create new value that have never been existing." More speedily innovation is advancing. More widely the value range of Engineering is expanding. That is why TOYO shall fulfill its mission.
President & CEO
Haruo Nagamatsu

Correlative concept structure
between TOYO's MVV & Materiality