Contributing to sustainability of the global community

  • Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community

    In 2009, TOYO established a Group MVV. Our mission is "Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community". The Engineering Company's role is to provide solutions that realize the harmony between “the supply of energy and materials” and “global environmental conservation”, which are indispensable for the sustainable growth of the global community, in response to customers’ various issues and the mission is to declare our determination to fulfill our role.

  • TOYO's materiality (important management issues)

    In recent years, natural disasters that have intensified with climate change have occurred around the world. We are convinced that sustainable development of the global community is at a stage that cannot be met by economic growth, which is one-way evolution. ​ In response to a trend toward redefining corporate activities from the perspective of the SDGs adopted by the United Nations, TOYO's materiality has been set forth in the following four items: "Aim to realize an environmentally-friendly society", "Enriching people's lives", "People of diverse backgrounds engage in active, meaningful work" and "Establish an organization with integrity and discipline"

  • Engineering value and mission

    The value of engineering is "to meet the performance requirements, realize technical solutions, and create new value by combining, integrating, and deepening the elemental technologies that have been accumulated over the years". The pace of technological innovation is increasing every day, and the value of engineering services continues to expand indefinitely. This is precisely why TOYO is committed to fulfilling its mission as an engineering company that contributes to the sustainability of the global community by constantly anticipating the needs of the era and continuing to refine its technological capabilities.

SDGs : Materiality and Our Commitment

  • 1.Aim to realize an environmentally friendly society

    Any delay in developing technologies that achieve low environmental impact and a recycling-oriented society could result in missed business opportunities or a decrease in cor-porate value.

    Climate change is resulting in natural disasters becoming more frequent and severe, which is hindering the execution of plant EPC business.


    Innovations in environmentally friendly technologies related to the prevention of global warming and waste management could lead to new business opportunities.

    Due to increasing needs for a low-carbon/decarbonized society, there are more business opportunities related to renewable energy and resource recycling.

    Our Commitment

    Pursuing low-environmental-impact plants
    Contributing to the achievement of a recycling-oriented society
    Waste control and treatment

    Created Value
    • Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases
    • Preventing environmental pollution
    Aim to realize an environmentally friendly society
  • 2.Enrich people’s lives

    Increased regionalism is resulting in more limited market access, and the lack of technological innovation is causing low-price competition

    There is little demand to con-struct new plants due to political instability and insufficient funds resulting from weak industrial infrastructure in emerging countries.


    Harmony with the community would enable us to secure outstanding local human capital and more smoothly execute local business.

    Plant construction could promote job creation and the transfer of technology, thus creating new business opportunities.

    Our Commitment

    Contributing to the development of industrial infrastructure
    Contributing to the resolution of food problems
    Transferring technology through EPC implementation

    Created Value
    • Contributing to economic and industrial development in emerging countries
    • Contributing to improved agricultural productivity
    • Creating jobs and transferring technology at plant construction sites and in various economic zones.
    Enrich people’s lives
  • 3.People of diverse backgrounds engage in active, meaningful work

    If we do not take suitable action, TOYO’s technical capabilities and competitiveness will decrease, leading to the outflow of outstanding human capital from the company, lost business opportunities, and decreased motivation.

    Occupational accidents could result in a loss of trust from clients and business continuity risks.


    Taking suitable action could increase technological innovation and business creation opportunities, help us secure outstanding human capital. Improve labor productivity, and increase motivation.

    Our commitment

    Training and developing human resources
    Promoting inclusion Improving the work-life balance
    Promoting health management and improving occupational safety and health

    Created Value
    • Creating human capital that contributes to the achievement of a sustainable society
    • Providing a workplace that offers job satisfaction
    People of diverse backgrounds engage in active, meaningful work
  • 4.Establish an organization with integrity and discipline

    Hindering compliance could result in business continuity risks.

    Hindering corporate governance could result in major loss risks and business continuity risks


    Through a solid governance system, we could build a stable, strong business execution foundation based on highly transparent, prompt decision making.

    Our Commitment

    Corporate governance

    Created Value
    • Securing a foundation for business continuity
    Establish an organization with integrity and discipline