Message from the President and CEO

Toyo Engineering (TOYO) has expanded its business area to a wide range of fields taking origin from its own technology chemical fertilizer fields such as ammonia and urea to petrochemicals, oil & gas, resource development, power generation, and so on for more than a half-century. Besides, we have been involved in projects all over the world by establishing overseas group companies and building a global network while developing the potential market since the 1960s when the first overseas project was completed in India.

Now that climate change is a major issue, the realization of a carbon-neutral society is a global challenge. To contribute to this issue as an engineering company, we are promoting our "Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2021-2025) - Realization of Your Success, Our Pride." By promoting two strategies: “Sustainable Technology and Business Development,” and “Advanced EPC Operation”, we will provide engineering services in areas of recycling and low environmental impact while enhancing competitiveness in our conventional business domains.

Looking ahead to Toyo's mission, "Engineering for Sustainability of the Global Community", we all employees aim to achieve further growth toward achieving the materiality of "Aim to realize an environmentally-friendly society" and "Enrich people's lives."

President & CEO
Haruo Nagamatsu