Message from the President and CEO

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO) has expanded its business area to a wide range of fields taking origin from its own technology chemical fertilizer field such as ammonia & urea to petrochemicals, petroleum refining, oil field development technology, gas treatment, power generation, and so on for more than a half-century. Besides, we have been involved in projects all over the world by establishing overseas group companies and building a global network while developing the potential market since the 1960s when the first overseas project was completed in India.

In 2021, TOYO celebrates its 60th anniversary. We are pleased to announce, "Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2021-2025) - Realization of Your Success, Our Pride.". This plan is a growth strategy made by clarifying the target that TOYO should focus on achieving the "realization of a sustainable and better world," which is a common issue for all people.

" People of diverse backgrounds engage in active, meaningful work " and " Establish an organization with Integrity and discipline " from the Four materiality TOYO sets up are the cornerstones of our corporate activities. On top of that, the synergistic effect obtained by advancing the strategies of " Advanced EPC Operation " and " Sustainable technologies and business development " of the medium-term management plan will be a driving force of other materiality "Aim for an environment-friendly society" and "Enrich people's lives". Achieving results that make customers feel " TOYO is the best partner " will be a contribution to society, and it will bring us the feeling of willingness to work. We will aim for further growth with TOYO's mission of "Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community" in our heart.

President & CEO
Haruo Nagamatsu