TOYO's DX sets out its vision of "a company capable of producing technological innovations and putting them into mass production by constantly pursuing innovations with a resilient organization and culture that can respond flexibly to any change" and aims to increase productivity by 6times (compared to fiscal 2019) by fiscal year 2025. We aim to be a company that continues to transform its corporate activities and structure, including services, operations, organizations, institutions, and culture, in a changing society and market that can respond swiftly and flexibly to customer needs.

Vision of DXoT – Digital Transformation of TOYO

Digital Transformation Strategy

To strengthen the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) system, we have drawn up a roadmap for realizing the resilience of EPC, an existing area, and horizontally expanding it to the green business field by reinforcing our four core competencies: technological capabilities, partner-building capabilities, management capabilities, and design capabilities.

EPC projects in the plant business have evolved in response to highly uncertain and difficult project management requirements. On the other hand, as uncertainty increases and risks become more diverse and complex due to the recent changes in the global situation and values, if existing project implementation and management methods are not implemented at a higher level, we will not be able to meet the demands of the world. Based on this sense of crisis, we are strengthening our core competence and promoting digital transformation by advancing our project execution methods in three stages.

As of March 2023, we have achieved approximately 32% improvement in productivity through evolution of project execution methods, aiming to achieve 6 times increase in FY(?) 2025 productivity.

We can organize our knowledge management transformation efforts in five areas.

As an example of the integration of intellectual property and intangible assets, which are the strengths of our partners, and enabling the promotion of system integration and digitization, we developed the Underground Constructivity Hazard Detection AI (AI for U), a system that detects the design that causes the risk of delayed scheduling in underground construction from the 3D CAD model, jointly with HEROZ Corporation, our business partner, and began applying this system to actual projects. AI for U is a web application that runs on a server managed by HEROZ Corporation. The web application can be logged in with a TOYO authorization mechanism.

Project optimization through EPC Data Integration supports human decision-making by processing real information as digital data and clarifying correlations and causality. In addition, irregular detection and redesign are required for unexpected situations, and we are introducing Schedule Optimization Simulation AI to strengthen our response capabilities. Furthermore, it is also important to upgrade risk management, and we are aiming to reduce the likelihood and impact of risks and improve our response capabilities through the use of digital technologies. The "Insight Project Execution Method" that combines these elements is planned to be implemented from FY2023.

In creating new value, there is a growing need for cross-industry collaboration that transcends traditional industry boundaries, and we believe that the ability to build partnerships will become increasingly important. On the other hand, there is a great possibility that the synergy effect will be limited or negative even if a partner is built, as is the conventional method of cooperation based on manpower and manpower tactics. Therefore, we believe that the digital shift of business and the cloud shift of applications are urgent tasks.

As of March 2011, we have completed the construction of a platform that enables all of our operations to be carried out on the cloud. This will enable external and remote collaboration and accelerate collaboration with customers, partners, and new cross-industry sectors while maximizing the use of global resources in project execution. Our platform allows multiple clouds to be linked together and enhances zero-trust security, certification, and data governance. This platform enables smooth partner development.

Roadmap to “increasing Productivity by Six Times”

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