Our Commitment to Safety

An industrial establishment promises foremost to pay attention to safety in the surrounding community and throughout society. TOYO strictly pledges that loss of human life must absolutely be prevented and applies all efforts and initiatives to safety. Time and value dedicated to safety initiatives are given the utmost priority.
“Safety” is a key component of the TOYO brand. In order to boost our brand globally, we actively promote various safety measures and shall actively strive to consolidate a firm safety culture.

Safety Record in TOYO Group

TOYO is continuously promoting improvement of safety activities with the aim of zero occupational casualities. The lost time incident rate (LTIR) and total recordable incident rate (TRIR), which are indicators for occupational safety management, have achieved industry-leading levels in the last ten (10) years.
*1:LTI Rate=(B)×1,000,000 / (A), (B)=Fatalities + LT1
*2:TRI Rate=(C)×1,000,000 / (A), (C)=(B)+MTC

Safety Culture in TOYO Group

Safety Campaign

TOYO holds the Safety Campaign at all its group companies and construction sites. The Campaign calls attention to safety awareness for one month, starting on July 1 every year. Various safety programs take place during this period.

Major Campaign Program

  • President Message
  • Display of safety posters, banners and panels
  • Hanging experience with safety harness and belts
  • Lectures on heat stroke
  • Hands-on Training of AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • Experience of earthquake by shaking car
  • Campaign reports by construction sites and TOYO group companies

Firefighting demonstration

Rescue training

Evacuation drill

Periodic community cleanup campaigns run

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