Coal Gasification


TOYO is working on coal gasification that enables coal to be used effectively both as an energy source and as a source material for chemical products, providing the benefit of a small environmental burden.


Coal resources

Known reserves of coal are said to last for 150 years, which far exceeds that of petroleum and natural gas. Production areas are not eccentrically located as with petroleum and natural gas, and there are high expectations that coal as a natural resource can be a stable source of energy over a long period.

Coal gasification technology

The technology for gasifying coal has been in practical use since the 19th century. It developed significantly during World War II as a means of producing synthetic fuel from coal. Lower-priced and easier-to-handle petroleum and natural gas became the star players in the 20th century, supplanting coal. However, technology developments and improvements were activated again after the first oil crisis in 1973. Several technologies including those of Shell, GE Texaco and those developed in Japan have already reached the commercialization or demonstration phase.

Coal as a clean energy and source material

One of the problems with coal is that, direct firing of coal as a fuel emits significantly large quantities of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, than petroleum and natural gas. Coal gasification enables the clean use of low-priced coal with abundant reserves, and is a technology that is expected to play a central role in a wide range of important industries, as shown in the diagram. These include high-efficiency power generation, hydrogen, synthetic fuel and chemical production. Relying on the expertise and experience cultivated through engineering work for similar technologies, coal liquefaction, heavy oil gasification and coal fired power plant, TOYO has worked with leading-edge coal gasification technologies that enable the use of both high rank coal and low rank coal. In this way, TOYO will help stabilize supplies of energy, chemical products and food for the world, while at the same time realizing sustainable development.

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