Sulfur-free Products


A sulfur-free product is gasoline of on-load diesel product with a sulfur content of 10 ppm or less, which saves gasoline consumption and reduces automotive emission.

FCC/RFCC gasoline desulfurization unit for producing sulfur-free products

To reduce the emission of air pollutants, quality standards have been introduced in Japan to restrict the sulfur content at levels not exceeding 10 ppm for gasoline in 2008 and for on-load diesel was in 2007. These standards are measures for reducing emissions of vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel engines. To achieve the reduction from automotive emission, catalytic exhaust gas aftertreatment for automobile cars is required, and for application of this technology sulfur-free fuel is required.
TOYO has designed and constructed desulfurization plants to produce sulfur-free diesel(ULSD) and gasoline(ULSG) in many places both within Japan and abroad since long before the environmental issues came into focus.

Features of desulfurization process technology for FCC/RFCC gasoline

Since most of the sulfur content in gasoline derive from (R)FCC gasoline, the sulfur-free gasoline process technology refers to (R)FCC gasoline desulfurization process technology.
The feedstock gasoil or gasoline is heated after being mixed with circulating hydrogen and supplied to the catalytic reactor. The products from the reactor are separated into gas and liquid after being cooled. The gas is mixed with make-up hydrogen and recycled in the reactor after removing hydrogen sulfide generated through the desulfurization reaction. The separated liquid is sent to the downstream stripper where the light components are removed, and produces sulfur-free product.
In the gasoil deep desulfurization process, the reactor feed stream consists of mixed gas and liquid phases. As such, high-performance distributors are used to minimize the mal-distribution in the reactor and to maintain a high desulfurization performance.

Schemata of the typical flow for sulfur-free gasoline/light-oil manufacturing equipment

Schemata of the typical flow for sulfur-free gasoline/light-oil manufacturing equipment

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