Pleiades® - Facility and Logistics Reconfiguration Service
Production and logistic system consulting package


Pleiades supports your production and logistic reforms. Our experts engaged in problem-solving, who have trained themselves well through plant construction and IT system projects, utilizing the know-how, diverse methodologies and tools offer consultation services in a short period of time.


Pleiades comprises work modules. The modules are combined to configure a consulting product according to the purpose. The modules that perform the key roles are described below.

Data mining

Based on actual production and other data, experts in data mining assemble the product items, seasonal changes in production methods, restrictions in facilities and other features.

Inventory distribution optimization

Based on the current inventory volume, actual shipments, dispersion and required service level, the inventory level that is appropriate and genuinely necessary is obtained. The relationship between the safe inventory and production lots is clearly indicated.

Batch size distribution optimization

Based on the cycle of production planning, categorization between the actual and potential orders, arrangement costs and safe inventory volume, the desirable batch size distribution is obtained. Sophisticated analyses are performed using templates for analysis.

Production simulation

The production method (available facilities, processing capacities, number of workers, etc.) is organized for each product item and simulation is performed. We have templates of various models, so modeling can be realized in a short period of time.

Logistics simulation

By linking with production simulation, the capacity of the logistics facilities is studied and the number of workers is simulated.

Production, logistics and facility planning

Based on the number of product types, the number of product groups, the compatibility table, the process features and the simulation results, the appropriate forms and number of facilities are obtained. TOYO has extensive experience in configuring high-mix, low-volume production facilities, so we can propose appropriate facility configurations.


Through the above analyses and simulations, production system parameters for various foreseeable cases can be derived.
Using these parameters, the following benefits are obtained.

Production system parameters

  • Production lot size and safe inventory
  • Production delivery date
  • NET production lead time
  • Marginal production capacity
  • Facility cost
  • Volume resources held

【1】When optimizing the entire supply chain

Whether the production system parameters are consistent with the overall supply chain plan may be confirmed. On the other hand, if the production system is to be made compatible with the overall optimum targets, whether unreasonable operation and additional costs have resulted becomes clear. As such, well-balanced measures consistent with the organizational targets become possible for the entire supply chain, enabling the targets to be attained at minimum cost.

【2】When verifying a new business model

By looking at the production system parameters, it becomes clear whether the production system may hinder the new business model, and if yes, in which process the bottleneck occurs. As such, countermeasures against issues may be provided before implementing the new business model, making it possible to obtain antecedent profits from a smooth start-up of the business.

【3】 When configuring a new information system

It can be confirmed how far the integration of information actually improves the manufacturing process. A situation in which the desired performance is not obtained even though the information flow has improved can be prevented, because the production sites cannot keep up with the improvement. This enables investment in the information system to be recovered promptly, and the new restrictions that became clear through development of the information system may be handled promptly.

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※Pleiades is a registered trademark of Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan.

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