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As the global economy continues to develop, the demand for electricity all over is likely to continue its upward growth in the foreseeable future. TOYO has been engaged in the engineering and construction of various types of power plants that meet the needs of its esteemed clients.

Our Business

TOYO has an established record of success in the construction of power generation facilities for oil refinery and petrochemical plants. Along with these projects, TOYO has successfully executed a large scale coal-fired power plant in Indonesia and a series of combined cycle power projects in Thailand for an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

TOYO has been engaged in various types of power plants, including the conventional combined-cycle, oil-fired, and coal-fired power plants, the combined facilities of water and power supply for the Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP), Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) clean coal technologies as well as the balance of plant (BOP) for nuclear power plants. Recently there has been increase in scale and complexity of refinery and petrochemical complex that demand large-scale utility centers from where necessary services (supply of electricity, water and treatment of waste water treatment etc.) are shared. TOYO has acquired certain experience in this segment as well.

Thermal power plant

TOYO, in addition to the construction project of the conventional "thermal power plants (coal-fired, oil-fired and gas-fired)", has executed in many countries art high-efficiency and "combined cycle" power plants, as well as Cogeneration Plants that employ hot water, steam. Moreover, we are involved in clean coal technology, such as IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plant) and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage).

Simultaneous construction of natural gas-fired combined cycle cogeneration power plants at seven locations near Bangkok, Thailand

Based on the Thai government initiative of "SPP (Small Power Producers) program", TOYO and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. were awarded SPP-based 7 gas fired combined cycle cogeneration power plant projects around Bangkok suburbs at seven locations, and have successfully executed and completed its engineering, procurement and construction works in 2013 as originally scheduled. All seven power plants are operating smoothly providing electricity to citizens of Bangkok and nearby industrial park.

As recognition of successful completion of these projects, TOYO Group was awarded 12 more cogeneration power plant projects in Thailand, near Bangkok (130MW: 4 places, 125MW: 2 places, 120MW: 6 places, Total of 1,470MW). Currently, these projects are under execution.

Renewable energy power plant

Power generation utilizing the "renewable energy" are environment friendly, (does not emit greenhouse gases that causes concerns about climate change) and have been attracting attention worldwide. TOYO is working actively to realize commercial scale plants related to PV solar power, solar thermal power, wind power, geothermal power, ocean thermal conversion etc.

Mega solar power plant construction

In recent years, with the introduction of "fixed price buyback program (FIT: Feed-In-Tariff)" for renewable energy, project orders for "mega solar power plant construction project" in Japan has seen rapid increase. Even among them, Japan's largest mega solar power generation (230MW) called as [Setouchi Kirei photovoltaic power plant] project was conceptualized with TOYO as core promotor of the business enterprise. TOYO was deeply involved right from planning stage to initial design and was later awarded contract for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of entire project.

Setouchi Kirei solar power plant
Power generation output 230MW DC
Construction site Okayama Pref. Setouchi Kinkai salt field site
Electricity sales start 2019 April (planned)
Electricity sales period Twenty years
Pacifico Energy / Kumenan mega solar
Power generation output 32MW DC
Construction site Okayama Prefecture Kumenan city
Pacifico Energy / Mimasakamusashi mega solar
Power generation output 42MW DC
Construction site Okayama Prefecture Mimasaka
Pacifico Energy / Hosoe mega solar
Power generation output 96MW DC
Construction site Miyazaki Prefecture Hosoe city
Pacifico Energy / Furukawa mega solar
Power generation output 56MW DC
Construction site Miyagi Prefecture Osaki city
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