PCB Detox Treatment


Polychlorinated biphenyl, PCB for short, is widely known as a toxic substance which caused the Kanemi Incident in Japan. Since 1974, the production, the use and import of PCB have been prohibited, while the Japanese government law enacted in 2001 prescribes July 2016 as the mandatory deadline for disposal.

TOYO's Approach and Solution

Among technologies for the disposal of electric equipment containing PCB such as transformers, capacitors, etc., TOYO has focused on the treatment of contaminated casing and internals (so-called “Container treatment”) . Since the 1990s, TOYO has been active for detoxification and recycling through the precision cleaning by organic solvents.
In the detox of low level PCB, it is very important how efficiently to process PCB detox because the handling PCB waste volume is enormous. Alternatively, the detox of high-level PCB waste requires careful measures to keep personnel in safe working conditions.


Container treatment facilities for transformers containing low-density PCB

  • Kanto Region Recycling Center that started operation in November 2003
  • Tohoku Region Recycling Center that started operation in January 2008
  • Chubu Region Recycling Center that started operation in May 2008

Pre-treatment facilities (container treatment, sorting, ventilation gas treatment, etc.) of high-density PCB waste treatment centers

  • PCB Waste Treatment Center in Kita Kyushu City that started operation in December 2004 (Phase 1)
  • PCB Waste Treatment Center in Kita Kyushu City that started operation in April 2009 (Phase 2)

Execution district of PCB Detox Treatment

It is most essential to treat toxic substances safely for disposal considering efficiency. With experiences and technologies cultivated in nuclear engineering and plant engineering, TOYO continues in its commitment to the environmental business.

Disposal of electrical equipment contained a small amount of PCB

Recently, a small amount of PCB has been detected from a lot of electrical equipment seen not to contain PCB. These must be disposed until 2016 under the responsibility of the holders. TOYO offers the total services of disposal of the above equipment since TOYO constructed PCB contained transformer cleaning facilities for the purpose of disposal. Oil extraction, dismantling on site, transportation to the facilities, incineration and disposal are included in the total services.

Features of TOYO service

The electrical equipment bigger than certain size limited by incineration facilities must be dismantled on the custodian site. TOYO executes dismantling on site to prevent environment from PCB contamination and to keep the workers safety, since TOYO has much experiences and knowledge about “the PCB contained electrical equipment dismantling” and “heavy goods handling” required by the “guidelines for electrical equipment contained a small amount of PCB gathering and transportation”. Furthermore TOYO provides the total services with cooperation of the transporters and the incineration facility companies and satisfies the requirement of the above equipment custodian.

Flow of detoxification and service of TOYO

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