ACES21®: Energy-saving Urea Process


When constructing plants, TOYO incorporates full consideration of energy saving into the engineering phase. Every effort is made to develop and improve the process technologies owned by TOYO for the reduction of energy consumption. These activities provide customer satisfaction, enhance our competence and ultimately help to resolve global environmental issues. As an example, this page introduces the energy saving improvement relating to our urea process.

Energy-saving Urea Process (ACES21®)

ACES21 Urea Plant

Since the foundation of the company in 1961, TOYO has designed and constructed almost 100 urea plants, utilizing the Company's own technologies. It is no exaggeration to say that the history of the urea plant is the history of energy saving improvement. In the early 1980s, we established the Advanced Process for Cost and Energy Saving (ACES), which slashes the energy consumed by urea plants.

Our initiatives continued to reduce energy consumption, which led to the development of an improved version of ACES, known as the ACES21 urea process. The new process consumes only 0.43 ton of steam and 118 kWh of electricity to produce one ton of urea, compared to 0.93 ton of steam and 140 kWh of electricity using the previous processes. This has enabled significant energy saving to be achieved and helped to reduce CO2 emissions.

Progress of the Evolution of Urea Process and the Energy conservation in TOYO

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