Re-use of Waste Water


The re-use of waste water not only saves fresh water consumption but also reduces waste water discharge. It significantly contributes to environmental protection. TOYO has been engaged actively in the re-use of waste water.

The re-use of waste water project by TOYO

Petrochemical and other plants discharge waste water that contains contaminated materials. Before the waste water is discharged outside the plant, such contaminated materials are removed to lower than the required quality level by the treatment facilities.
On the other hand, water shortages crises have come to be a big issue. Positive re-use of waste water is required in regions where natural sources of water are scarce, in the Middle East as example.
In order to optimize the re-use of waste water, a wide range of expertise is required such as knowledge of treatment processes, requirements of users of the treated waste water, how to analyze and specify accurately the characteristics of the waste water, as well as economic feasibility. Based on the experience and knowledge as a leading engineering company, TOYO can provide an optimum and reliable solution for the re-use of waste water with technical capability of the production processes and the utility water (or steam) balance in each plant.

From Urea production plant, for example, process condensate (as waste water) which contains Urea and Ammonia are discharged. TOYO treats the process condensate by hydrolyzing and stripping technology. The treated waste water is re-used as boiler feed water.

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