CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)


It’s been calculated that Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions must be cut in half by 2050 in order to limit the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature to 2–3 centigrade the end of the 21st century.
CCS captures the CO2 emitted when coal and other fossil fuels are burnt, and stores it deep within the earth’s geological layers where it can be safely, reliably stored for thousands of years. Therefore, CCS is expected to allow us to leverage the convenience of fossil fuels to achieve sustainable economic growth and still curtail GHG emissions.

Our Efforts

CCS drew our attention early on, and we invested in Japan CCS Research Co., Ltd. when that company was established in 2008. We also created a CCS team—a horizontal organization within the Company—to examine how our experience in such fields as CO2 separation and recovery, supercritical CO2 handling, and enhanced oil recovery could be practically applied in the CCS field. The team is also working on the early realization of CCS projects through researching and adapting the latest technology, system study and design, and economic evaluation.

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