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The motive power for driving automobiles has evolved from gasoline and light-oil engines to hybrid, and then to EV (Electric Vehicle); similarly, boilers for supplying energy should also evolve from heavy oil and kerosene to gas and then to electric boilers. TOYO has commercialized and delivered a tubular electric boiler to supply auxiliary-steam for nuclear power plants. In addition, the product has been used where any environmental regulations are strict and even for regulating the electrical load of the facility.

Features of the tubular electric boiler

The tubular electric boiler, made of stainless steel , is no need to inject any chemicals (note). It has the following features.


  • Steam Supplies without carbon dioxide
  • Since no chemicals are used, drainage treatment is not required. the evaluation of environmental aspects caused by chemicals are not needed.
  • Equivalent carbon amount for 1kW of electricity is reduced by high-efficiency power plants and nuclear power plants
  • Supplies clean steam with no chemical influence

Easy operation and maintenance

  • Activated and stopped simply by pressing a button
  • Favorable load response
  • Simple boiler system and easy maintenance
  • There is no chimney, furnace or chemicals, thereby providing a clean environment for maintenance.

Reduction of lifecycle costs

  • Operation and maintenance are possible with the minimum number of staff
  • Only the minimum number of equipment is used without any special devices, thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • Costs associated with the environmental burden are reduced.
  • High corrosion-resistance and long service life (Designed to last for at least 30 years)

Applicable Range:

  • Generated steam for each boiler-unit : 2 to 30 ton/hour
  • Pressure Range : low (0.5MPa) to high (9.5MPa)

Major Facility of the Electric Boiler System Flow

No-chemical injection Type

Chemical injection Type

(note)We have two types of electric boiler, (1) no-chemical injection type and (2) chemical injection type.
(1)to avoid any contamination of chimicals in the steam at the point of consumption or to feel nervous about the burden of the waste water treatment
(2)for other general purposes

In addition to delivering tubular electric boilers, TOYO offers total engineering services from planning and design of the entire plant to construction, trial operation and maintenance.

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