Materials Technology Database


In the petroleum and chemical industries, international competition stemming from deregulation, economic globalization and the rapid development of information technologies have become more intense than ever. Under these circumstances, highly reliable plant construction and economic operation and maintenance have become increasingly important. TOYO’s professional staffs support to resolve issues and make decisions related to materials by utilizing the in-house materials technology database.

Relying on the equipment and material technologies cultivated through many years and a broad range of plant engineering work, TOYO helps clients addressing their needs and resolve issues related to the plant lifecycle. Our service include clarifying the causes of corrosion problems, planning countermeasures, selecting materials for new processes, and training maintenance staffs, etc.

Utilization of Database (example)

More than 20,000 data related to materials technology are registered in the database. The diagram below shows TOYO's experience in materials damage analysis for in-house and clients’ equipment and piping. Because petroleum and chemical plants often handle highly corrosive process fluids, the material used in many cases is stainless steel and corrosion damage risk is high at welded parts. Such information as tendency of materials damage is fed back to the related department and utilized for material selection and studying preventive measures.

Damage example categories (by material)

Damage example categories (by cause)