Our Commitment to Environment

Considering that the preservation of the global environment and prevention of global warming are recognized as common issues facing all of humanity, TOYO has established the following philosophy:
◦Contribute to sustainable development capable of both environmental protection and the development of mankind.
◦Provide engineering services in harmony with the global environment as a global company.
In order to realize this philosophy, TOYO will continue actively resolving the environmental issues of our clients in the future.

Applying Technology to Preserve the Environment

TOYO, by promoting the development, application and improvement of technologies that contribute to the preservation of the environment, offers the technology that best suits our clients and a variety of solutions that contribute to the preservation of the environment as well as the prevention of pollution.

Photovoltaic Power Plant

TOYO has enhanced its development and promotion of social infrastructure projects.
As a result, as of March 2016, we have received orders for five mega solar photovoltaic power plant projects in Japan, which are currently under way. Renewable energy such as solar power is expected to play an increasingly important role from the viewpoint of preserving the global environment. TOYO will continue to work on photovoltaic power plant projects as part of its infrastructure business.

ClientSitePower Generation(MW)Scheduled Completion Time
Pacifico Energy Kumenan G.K. Kumenan City, Kumegun, kayama Prefecture, Japan 32 Spring of 2016
Pacifico Energy Mimasaka Musashi G.K. Mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 42 Summer of 2016
Pacifico Energy Furukawa G.K. Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan 57 Winter of 2016
Pacifico Energy Hosoe G.K. Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan 96 Spring of 2018
Setouchi Future Creations LLC (Setouchi Kirei Mirai-dukuri) Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 231 Spring of 2019

Miyazaki City’s photovoltaic power generation(Expected view at completion)

Setouchi City’s photovoltaic power generation(Expected view at completion)

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