Our Commitment to HSSE, Quality and Information Security

Commitment of Toyo Engineering

TOYO has stipulated the Basic Policies on HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment), Quality and Information Security, which put safety, environment, quality and information security management into practice. Through sharing and rigorously implementing these policies, TOYO strives to gain the trust of our clients and society.
Giving due consideration to health, safety and the environment at construction sites, and surrounding areas, while assuring the quality of products & services and protecting the information property from a wide-ranging threat are the key elements of our commitment. An uncompromising commitment to HSSE, Quality and Information Security throughout TOYO is indispensable for providing maximum satisfaction to our clients.

Aiming to be a corporation trusted not only by clients, but also by the local and international communities.
We have combined Safety & Environment Report and Annual Report into single volume from 2015 issue.
Activities for Safety
Our commitment to Environment
We acquired the ISO approval that is International Standard, and acts for a further safety, quality, and environment.
Details of our SQE management Structure.