TEC was Awarded Exclusive Sales Rights for On-line Monitoring System (Corrosion, vibration and performance) by InterCorr International. (the UK and USA)May 25, 2001

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TEC, President Toshihiko Hirose) has been awarded the exclusive sales rights for on-line monitoring system (MENTOR system) in Japan and Asia from InterCorr International. (InterCorr is based in Dingwall UK, and Houston USA, CEO: Kenneth M. MacKenzie), the license holder of the MENTOR system.

InterCorr's MENTOR system feature the, CHx, MENTOR-CM, SmartCET and CETware system which constantly monitor the corrosion and fouling of cooling water heat exchangers, the vibration and performance of rotating and reciprocating machinery, and the corrosion of pipelines and vessels respectively. In addition to sales of the MENTOR system (TEC's sales area covers the Asian region from India to Japan), TEC will also offer consultation services using this system and provide various services after the construction of plants (Plant-Clinic).

The MENTOR system uses an electrochemical noise method for which InterCorr's has the patent, and features the ability to measure both general corrosion as well as local corrosion on-line. In addition to corrosion data, it can also record operational data such as temperature and pressure. This is useful in the analysis and management of corrosion phenomena.

InterCorr International is one of the world's leading corrosion management system suppliers, and it also undertakes consultation services on corrosion. Its former corporate name was Integriti Solutions, and it was established in 1987. The headquarters were in Dingwall, UK. However, in September 2000, it purchased InterCorr International, a corrosion consulting firm located in Houston (U.S.), and the corporate name was changed to InterCorr International.

InterCorr's main markets are Europe and the U.S., and it will seek to expand operations to other areas through this sales contract with TEC. TEC is currently engaged in the expansion of its solutions business in the area of operation and maintenance of plants after construction. The aim of this contract is to enhance TEC's existing Plant-Clinic services, one of its solution services. The signing of this exclusive sales rights contract was based on the expectation of developing new markets through the synergies of the excellent features of the InterCorr system and TEC's extensive experience and know-how in plant construction.

TEC is committed to further enhancing its Plant-Clinic services. This will go beyond EPC to encompass solving the client's problems throughout the entire plant life cycle.

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