TOYO and BASF Sign Comprehensive Engineering Partnership Agreement in Asia Pacific

Apr. 18, 2019

Toyo Engineering Corporation (Toyo-Japan, President and CEO Haruo Nagamatsu), together with Toyo Engineering Corporation (China) (Toyo-China, President Benli Dong), have concluded a comprehensive engineering partnership agreement with BASF in Asia Pacific for the term of 5 years. The agreement covers front end engineering, detailed engineering, procurement service, construction management, and other project related services for BASF’s investments in Asia Pacific.

This agreement is the renewal of the original partnership agreement, concluded and extended from time to time since 2013, in order to strengthen the partnership furthermore for BASF’s upcoming investments. Since the conclusion of the original partnership agreement, Toyo Engineering Group (“TOYO”) has continuously made efforts to provide not only high-quality but also customer-oriented services to meet BASF’s expectations during several projects in India, Malaysia, China and Japan. This renewal of the partnership agreement was led by high degree of BASF’s trust cultivated through execution of above mentioned projects.

In the signing ceremony of this agreement, Mr. Hugues Vandenmersch, Senior Vice President, BASF Engineering & Technical Expertise Asia Pacific expressed “We very much value our strategic engineering partnership with TOYO. Now we have started a new chapter of our partnership. BASF announced ambitious investment plan in Asia Pacific in 2018. With the great chemistry we’ve created with TOYO, we are confident to work together to master the challenges ahead and to continue our success on the future investment projects”.

TOYO will keep providing BASF cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet BASF's expectations in Asia Pacific by utilizing region-rooted knowhow of TOYO’s global network such as Toyo-China, Toyo-India, Toyo-Malaysia, Toyo-Korea, IKPT (Indonesian subsidiary) and TEC Project Service (Japanese subsidiary).

Agreement Outline

Client BASF (China) Company Limited
Contractors Toyo Engineering Corporation (Toyo-Japan) and Toyo Engineering Corporation (China) (Toyo-China)
Scope Comprehensive engineering partnership agreement for front end engineering, detailed engineering, procurement service, construction management, etc. (period: 5 years)
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