TOYO India Awarded Yeast Production Facility in IndiaNov. 14, 2017

The Indian group company of Toyo Engineering Corporation (Toyo-Japan, President & CEO Mr. Kiyoshi Nakao) – Toyo Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. (Toyo–India, Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Itsuya Yanagi) was awarded a contract by Shimizu Corporation’s Indian subsidiary – Shimizu India Pvt. Ltd. (Shimizu India) for construction of a yeast production facility ,who was awarded a contract by an Indian affiliate company of Oriental Yeast Industry Co., Ltd. – Oriental Yeast India Pvt. Ltd. (OY India) to construct the entire yeast production complex at a site adjacent to Pune, Maharashtra, India.

In parallel with economic growth of India, demand of yeast as well as materials to improve quality for baking breads is increasing rapidly in recent years.

OY India is intending to take advantage of abundant availability of molasses as raw materials for yeast production in India (ranked No.2 in the world) for supplying yeast to Indian market. Pune is located 170km south of India’s commercial and financial center – Mumbai and takes 8th place in population where plural foreign companies including Japanese ones are operating production facilities.

In the project, Shimizu India plays the role as the main contractor for the entire yeast production complex including biomass cogeneration facility up to start of commercial operation by OY India and Toyo-India performs a part of detailed engineering, procurement of equipment and materials, installation and commissioning assistance. Toyo-India, together with the main contractor – Shimizu India, fully supports OY India up to start of commercial operation based on its extensive technical expertise and project experience in India implementing strict quality, safety and schedule management equivalent to those in Japan. For execution of the project, local resources are utilized effectively with the spirit of “Make in India”.

Toyo-India strives to support Japanese and foreign companies expansion into Indian market in a safe manner.

Award Outline

Plant Owner Oriental Yeast India Pvt. Ltd.
Main Contractor Shimizu Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.
Subcontractor Toyo Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
Site MIDC, Khandala (Kesurdi), Maharashtra, India.
Plant Fresh Yeast Production Facility (100 tons per day)
Scope of Work Part of detailed design, procurement of equipment and materials (except end user’s free issue materials), installation and commissioning assistance
Completion Early 2020
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