Construction management capability

The ability to organize the most suitable team for construction works in every country all around the world is one of TOYO's great strengths.
Effective employment of global resources is possible by TOYO’s close relationship with Construction Contractors that was built during many years of construction achievements, and also the Construction Management staff who have proven their skills, and participated in projects in many countries around the world.
“TOYO's construction team starts working in a well organized and coordinated fashion from the day it is formed.” The reason we receive such evaluations from clients is because TOYO always laid stress on the importance of assigning suitable personnel to each position as well as teamwork, when assembling a construction team.

Field manager as a leader

Field manager as a leader

It is the Field Manager (FM) who leads TOYO's construction team. In addition to the construction works, the FM responsibilities also include logistics, procurement, engineering, pre-commissioning, administration, accounting, taxation and local authorities relations. TOYO assigns most experienced and suitable staff for the role of FM to satisfy projects' scope and special characteristics.

iCON Integrated Construction Management System


The construction team that led by FM is supported by iCON , the Integrated Construction Management System With nearly 50 years history of construction management experience TOYO has developed a unique integrated systematic method for construction management TOYO has started to develop the stand-alone construction management tools using IT system since 1990s, and started using the integrated tools of iCON in 2007. This is a system that enables consistent management at construction sites in every country all around the world.

iCON strongly supports sharing of data that transcends the boundaries between disciplines and time lag between construction phases. Therefore, all concerned members of the project are being able to understand the construction works status.

Dynamic and sensitive construction works implementation, and responsiveness ability


TOYO has the ability to employ various expertise (irrespective of the types of construction tasks) including the super heavy rigging and the assembly of latest model of control systems with confidence based on the experience.
The ability of solving the problems immediately is because of many years of experience that builds up a confident to select the best solution for every circumstance.

Construction management with operation viewpoint


TOYO has achieved smooth plant start-up within a short period of time from the completion of construction (mechanical completion) to the start of operation, and has won a high level of praise from clients. This is made possible because FM and all other construction management team’s best effort to understand construction execution plan with the viewpoint of the plant start-up scheme.

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