Ethical Management


A corporate philosophy of Toyo Engineering Korea Limited.(“Toyo-Korea”) is “to ensure the satisfaction and success of our clients through the provision of an effective Total solution”. Under this philosophy, we will play a significant and meaningful role in the local and global community resulting in the generation of appropriate profit levels allowing us to make a contribution to all our stakeholders, including shareholders and clients.

We also uphold a corporate policy of compliance with laws and regulations of the countries of business operation as well as international norms with the highest standards of business and professional ethics.

As part of the establishment and improvement of the Internal Control System of Toyo-Korea, the “Code of Conduct” is now established in conjunction with the establishment of Compliance Management System.

Here, the “Compliance” means to include compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and moreover, includes adherence to the recognized business and professional ethics as well as conduct of business in line with the corporate vision of Toyo-Korea. The ultimate aim of “compliance” is to enhance the company’s standards of ethics and integrity and to accomplish sustained growth of Toyo-Korea.

Each of the personnel of Toyo-Korea is requested to read this manual carefully, and utilize it as guidance for your daily business activities.

June 01, 2021
President & CEO Toshitsugu Fukai

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