Management Philosophy

[Creating for customers and Growing with customers]

Our management philosophy is to realize customer satisfaction and achieve sustainable growth together with our clients by providing the best service to our all clients, while contributing to the development of international community and human.

Quality Management

We realize the best quality for the customer’s satisfaction with standardized and processed optimal quality management system for all domestic/overseas worksites and implements activities for quality management that meet our “Global-level” quality standard as well as customer’s requirements. With our sufficient experiences and technologies, we make every effort to achieve reliability of business operation and aim to be a “Global Leading Engineering Partner” maintaining the best competitiveness with constant innovation.

Ethics Management

We promote various activities on ethics management to be a company which can make sustainable growth and trusted by all related parties by fulfilling ethics management based on fundamentals and principles. “Code of conduct” is established to encourage ethics management by our employees, and we also do our best to contribute to the country and local society with transparent business activities and social responsibilities.

People Management

We effectively respond to the future business environment, recognizing that the future of the organization depends on attitude and competence of each employee and nurturing creative and future-oriented talents, and develop specialized core technologies, thereby promoting sustainable growth of the company.
Also, we are creating a talent-respected company culture where fair opportunities are provided to everyone to allow them to show their best, new values are created based on creative thoughts and constant innovation, and each employee can make contribution to the human development.