Compliance Regulation

According to the principals code of conduct, compliance regulation of Toyo-Korea provides a guideline through our compliance program that conforms with code of ethics ∙ conduct and business policies such as fair trade, anti-corruption, environment and safety, work and company culture and security of information, and reminds importance of compliance of laws and regulation in business operation through internal communication channels and training programs. To establish a culture of compliance of regulation firmly, Toyo-Korea carries out audit activities regularly while monitoring between department and field.

  • Toyo-Korea’s Code of Conduct
    The corporate compliance regulations are defined in detail so that all officers and employees shall comply with the corporate ethics for the enhancement of corporate moral values and sincerity.
  • Whistle-Blowing System
    The detail treatment procedure is prescribed for the quick action and the feedback when the violation occurs against the laws or regulations. Moreover, the complaint or information would be reported via e-mail, letter or telephone anytime.

Our corporate members with Compliance

  • Observance of Compliance
    In order to ensure the strict compliance, each of our corporate members shall observe the core principles of the code of conduct.
  • Responsible manager for Compliance
    The responsible manager is obliged to treat the notice of violations properly by due process of regulation.