Project Management

Customer satisfaction and transparency through information sharing

Top priority of project execution is customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, 'Objective and accurate assessment of project status' and 'Sharing of the status with the Parties of interest including the Client' are the two essential actions. In other words, transparency and taking responsibility of the shared information are the key to successful project execution. Effective project management system is essential to information sharing and proper sharing of information is the starting point to achieve early identification and mitigation of problem, not to mention minimization of potential risks. Proper execution of project will lead to client's trust which results in customer satisfaction.

Management for Project Success

For every project, time and budget is limited. Therefore, the most important aspect of project success is to complete the project within the fixed schedule and budget at a quality satisfactory to the Client. In addition, HSSE and Client's information protection are also imperative.

To achieve project success, it is necessary to harmonize and manage the given conditions from a holistic perspective. Furthermore, information pertaining to project status shall be collected, analyzed and forecasted periodically and provided to related parties and Client in a timely manner.

Toyo-Korea periodically shares and analyzes the project status through optimized IT system based on the procedure and methodology agreed with Client. Potential problems can be eliminated and in case of occurrence, countermeasures can be applied at an early stage.

Project Management System

Toyo-Korea applies an optimized IT system to achieve sophisticated project management. From the beginning of a project to the end, each stage of engineering, procurement and construction is equipped with tailored database and tools and an overall integrated management system is established to enable harmonized interaction among individual systems.

Such systems include:
1. Project Schedule Management System
2. Budget Control System
3. Material Control System
4. Document Control System

Potential Risk Analysis

In order to minimize risks during project execution, thorough risk analysis and mitigation is necessary from the early stage along with identification, assessment and mitigation tools for the already materialized risks during project execution. Toyo-Korea utilizes a self-developed risk check-list based on the accumulated know-how to analyze and develop countermeasures with Client. During project execution, supervision and response to such risks are monitored at a real-time basis.

Aiming for WIN-WIN Project Management

The ultimate purpose of project management is to achieve project success and satisfy the Client. As all projects are performed based on human interaction, the key to project success is to promote synergistic human relationship among all related members of the project. Toyo-Korea strives to foster project managers and Project members capable of performing global tasks based on a WIN-WIN strategy.