Whistle Blowing System

Toyo-Korea established the corporate regulation, i.e. “whistle-blowing system”, for the development of ethical management.

The intent of whistle-blowing system

  • Purpose
    It aims to minimize risks which may be encountered by Toyo-Korea due to any unlawful acts through the company’s prompt recognition, to ensure strict compliance with any laws or regulations in corporate business, and thereby strengthen ethical management.
  • Applicant
    Regular or non-regular employee (including former employees), temporary worker and business partner is entitled to accuse any compliant or information to Toyo-Korea
  • Unlawful Acts
    The below acts might be included ;
    - Embezzlement and bribery of public funds
    - Unfair business treatment
    - Demand and offer of entertainment or bribery
    - Sexual harassment
    - Any misconduct against corporate code of conduct
  • How to Report
    The authentication through e-mail is required in order to prevent false reporting.
    Cases shall be reported in a complete manner satisfying 5W1H (i.e. who, when, where, what, why, and how), accompanied by contact information. Investigation results will be informed only if a phone number or email address is provided.
    - e-mail : Inside Toyo-Korea
    : Outside Toyo-Korea
    - Letter : 10th Floor, Toyo B/D, 11, Teheran-ro 37-gil(Yeoksam-dong), Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    - Telephone : 82-2-2189-1616~1620
  • Actions to be taken
    Immediately after receipt of complaint or information, it shall be treated by Administration Division without any delay of actions and the result of investigation shall be notified to the whistle-blower reported by his name.
    In case of whistle-blowing, the personal identification of whistle-blower shall be kept in confidential.
  • Protection of Whistleblowers
    In principle, protection of whistleblowers is guaranteed. However, provision of informant's name and supporting documents would be mostly preferable.
    If unfair treatment or punishment on whistleblowers is acknowledged, remedial actions will be taken or equivalent compensation will be given.
    In case that breach of conduct reported is relevant to the whistleblower, it will be treated legitimately with mitigating circumstances.
    The number of investigators is limited.
    No personal information will be disclosed without the whistleblowers' consent. Moreover, any employee who acknowledge and reveal the information intentionally or accidently will be punished.

    However, reports including vicious slander or invading personal privacy will be excluded from the policy to protect whistleblowers.