Feasibility Studies

Importance of Feasibility Study

Decision for a large facility investment such as plant construction are critical to Client's corporate management. Naturally, feasibility study is the most essential phase to set up the basis and make investment decision which affects the success of the project.

Feasibility Study Considerations

1. Site Survey & Analysis
2. Approval and Government Affairs
3. Investment Cost Estimation
4. Project Schedule
5. Equipment Specification
6. Financial Assessment
7. Others

Toyo-Korea's F/S Experience

Toyo-Korea has been performing over 50 feasibility studies for various domestic and international investments in petrochemical and industrial plants.

Toyo-Korea's Feasibility Study

Toyo-Korea is the only Japanese plant engineering company established in Korea with accumulated data and know-how for plant engineering for over 30 years. Based on this leverage, Toyo-Korea provides optimized EPC cost estimation customized for each Client's needs.

For Clients planning a new investment, a comprehensive consultation service in consideration of technical and financial aspects from expert's view point can be provided.