Toyo-Korea's Global Procurement Network

Toyo-Korea utilizes the global sourcing network of TOYO group and procure equipment and material from regions other than Korea such as Japan, Europe, US, China, etc. to ensure cost competitiveness of the Project.

Management of Numerous Items for Project Success

In order to achieve the required quality, delivery, and price of numerous items sourced globally to form a single plant, it is necessary to apply an integrated procurement management system from manufacturing, quality control and inspection, and transportation to the construction site.

Toyo-Korea monitors the entire manufacturing process in a real-time basis to identify possible delay of each item and develop countermeasures. Such proactive efforts ensures on time delivery of the critical items.

One of the most important aspect of procurement is quality assurance. Further to the Manufacturer's in-house quality control system, Toyo-Korea takes part in inspection and testing of items from reliability and performance perspectives to procure reliable equipment and material.

Thorough transportation planning and flexible response is necessary to transport the massive volume of equipment and material according to the delivery schedule and demand at site. In particular, mobilization of specialized vessels and trailer and detailed route study is the key to the success of the project.

Toyo-Korea operates an organization consisting of logistics specialists and subcontractors to respond to the volatile requirements of each project and ensure reliable procurement service.