Group Mission : Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community
Group Vision : Global Leading Engineering Partner
Group Value : Integrity, Creativity, Diversity, Learning, Team

Toyo Engineering Korea Limited is a Subsidiary Company of Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan.
The mission of Toyo Engineering Corporation Group shall be “Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community”. Toyo Engineering Corporation Group aims to be a “Global Leading Engineering Partner”.
This implicates our strong will to become the most trusted and thus long-term partner to our clients by solving their problems together with and from the perspectives of the client.

As a global first-ranked engineering company group, Toyo Engineering Korea Limited carries out various projects all over the world in the most efficient manners that are optimal to the local requirements, by establishing and utilizing a best global business network made up of our group companies (TOYO) as a core and other partner companies worldwide. Toyo Engineering Korea Limited provides our clients with total value for the project in terms of and consisting of quality, HSSE, schedule, cost, etc., by continuously improving our follow-on advantage capabilities such as Project Management Skills, Comprehensive Integrated Engineering Technologies, High-Tech Application Capabilities, Optimum Alliance Building and Advanced Global Networking.

Toyo Engineering Korea Limited can provide the clients with the total engineering solution for any type of project, including engineering, procurement and construction of hydrocarbon field such as petrochemical, oil refining, energy, general chemicals, oil & gas development, and industrial plant fields/facilities and offer the most viable solutions and means for their realization in value-driven manner. Toyo Engineering Korea Limited will make a supreme effort and lead 21st century world economy under the operation of TOYO.

President & CEO
Toshitsugu Fukai