Group Mission : Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community

The mission of Toyo Engineering Corporation Group shall be "Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global community" This means

  • Based on our qualifications and global first-rate engineering capabilities, we offer comprehensive solutions that fully meet the various requirements of our clients, and as part of our genuine attempt we wish to contribute to the realization of a "Sustainable Global Community" by harmonizing the supply of energy and basic materials with requirements for environmental protection.
  • In order to achieve this mission, we will establish and maintain good relationships with our business partners on a mutually beneficial basis.
  • In the course of these activities, we will make significant efforts to achieve reasonable profits to increase the value of our enterprise in order to meet our stockholders‘ expectations as well as to provide our employees with appropriate rewards and skill development opportunities, all with the expectation of making our company a more attractive place to work for with pride.

We consider it our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to make contributions to the community through "engineering" itself, which means a method of integrating individual technologies into an optimized complete system as well as to carry out the above mission.

Group Vision : Global Leading Engineering Partner

Toyo Engineering Corporation Group aims to be a "Global Leading Engineering Partner." This means:

  • To become the most trusted and thus long-term partner to our clients by solving their problems together with and from the perspectives of the client.
  • As a global first-ranked engineering company group, to carry out projects all over the world in the most efficient manners that are optimal to the local requirements, by establishing and utilizing a best global business network made up of our group companies (Global Toyo) as a core and other partner companies worldwide.
  • To provide our client with total value for the project in terms of and consisting of quality, HSSE, schedule, cost, etc. by continuously improving our follow-on advantage capabilities:
    Project management skills : We can apply to each project the most updated integrated project management skills and complete the project satisfying the expected purpose and targets in terms of quality, HSSE, schedule, cost, etc.
    Comprehensive integrated
    engineering technologies
    : We can orchestrate individual pieces of technical information prepared by each design discipline into the comprehensive system information, which is precisely coordinated with and compatible to the procurement and/or the construction functionalities.
    High-tech application
    : We always maintain and can make the best use of a variety of cutting-edge technologies of our proprietary and licensed, to solve our clients' challenges.
    Optimum alliance building : We can execute the project by formulating the most optimal collaboration with various business partners worldwide.
    Advanced global networking : We can always respond to our clients' needs on a global scale by taking full advantage of the merits of our Global Toyo framework.
  • To build a creation cycle of intellectual property by maintaining, managing and utilizing those intellectual properties acquired from the above activities and thus continue to satisfy the needs of our client.

Our operation covers engineering, procurement and construction of industrial and manufacturing plants and facilities in an extensive range of fields; the provision of related technical services including master plans, operation and maintenance services, etc.; management and business consultation; all the way up to systems design and project development. In these business fields, we offer the most viable solutions and means for their realization, in the form of hardware and/or software, to assist our clients to optimize their business systems and value chains to enhance their corporate value. "Global Toyo" is a globally networked organization in which our group companies around the world collaborate with each other while maintaining close relationships with their respective local markets and clients and carry out work for any client worldwide in the most efficient manner based on common work standards.

Group Value : Integrity, Creativity, Diversity, Learning, Team

Each director and employee of the Toyo Engineering Corporation Group shall share the following group values and act accordingly:

Integrity : To carry out the work in good faith under his or her own responsibility.
To focus on maintaining transparency and accountability in the course of performing all work duties.
Creativity : To create new values in cooperation with our clients or by ourselves by applying our wisdom and creativity to the greatest extent.
o attempt to create changes without adhering to past experiences.
Diversity : To respect the individuality and personality of each person as well as the culture and customs of each country and region.
To respond to the variety of work and tasks in a flexible manner while viewing them from different angles.
Learning : To acquire new experiences, skills and knowledge with an enterprising spirit.
To continuously pay attention to national and international technological and economic trends and to attempt to grasp the essentials of such trends.
Team : To achieve high performance through team play with our clients and partners as well as within our Group.
To respect the standpoint of other persons and to share information about knowledge and tasks.

Group Charters : Compliance with Four Charters

Toyo Engineering Corporation Group will observe the following four charters: