Whistleblowing System in TOYO-M

The Management of Toyo Engineering & Construction Sdn. Bhd. referred to as (“Toyo-M”) recognizes that any genuine commitment to detecting and preventing illegal and other undesirable conduct must include a mechanism whereby employees and others can report their concerns confidentially, freely and without fear of reprisal or intimidation. The “whistle-blowing system” provides such mechanism and encourages the reporting of such conduct that could adversely affect Toyo-M, its group companies or its employees.

Below are the salient facts of TOYO-M’s Whistleblowing system:-

1. Purpose
To provide an avenue for all employees of Toyo-M and any person providing services to or having a business relationship with the Toyo-M, to raise genuine concerns about any unlawful, improper conduct or wrongful act committed by the employees of Toyo-M and/or business partners through the Toyo-M whistleblowing channel on a confidential basis.

2. Unlawful, Improper Conduct or Wrongful Acts
a) The below acts may amount to whistleblowing:-
- Embezzlement and bribery of public funds
- Unfair business treatment
- Demand and offer of entertainment or bribery
- Gifts and Entertainment/Corruption
- Competition and Fair Dealing
- Compliance with Laws and Regulations
- Conflict of Interest
- Environmental Protection, Health or Safety Law
- Sexual Harassment
- Any misconduct against TOYO-M’s Code of Conduct, or
- Any act which misleads people

3. Modes of Reporting
a) The authentication through e-mail is required in order to prevent false reporting.
b) Cases shall be reported in a complete manner satisfying 5W1H (i.e. who, when, where, what, why, and how), accompanied by contact information. The investigation’s results shall be informed only if a phone number or email address is provided.
c) One may raise a report of concern via https://www.toyo-eng.com/jp/common/contacts/form7.html OR by way of a letter to Toyo Engineering & Construction Sdn. Bhd., Menara Haw Par, Level 25, Jln Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

4. Actions to be taken
a) Immediately after receipt of report or information, the Human Resource Department without any delay shall take action and the result of the investigation shall be notified to the whistle-blower reported by his name.
b) The personal identification of whistle-blowers shall be kept confidential.

5. Protection of Whistleblowers
a) A Whistleblower who reports matters in good faith provided they have not been involved in the Misconduct reported shall not be penalized or personally disadvantaged because they have reported a matter. Toyo-M will not tolerate any instances of legitimate whistleblowers being dismissed, demoted, subject to any form of harassment and prosecution or discriminated against.
b) A Whistleblower who believes he/she and/or his/her family has been the victim of any of the above by reason of their status as a whistleblower, should immediately report the matter to the TOYO-M.
c) The number of investigators is limited. No personal information will be disclosed without the whistleblowers' consent. Moreover, any employee who acknowledges and reveals the information intentionally or accidentally shall be punished.
d) Any Toyo-M employee and/or any person including those providing services to or having a business relationship with Toyo-M who is found to have dismissed, demoted, harassed, or discriminated against a whistleblower by reason of their status as a whistleblower, may be subjected to disciplinary measures.