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Plant owners face many issues when they operate and maintain the facilities. These include operation efficiency improvement, renewal planning for depleted facilities, preventing unexpected interruptions, contracts with partner companies, and smoother cost estimates. TOYO studies countermeasures for these issues to help clients solve their problems

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PDCA cycle for operation and maintenance works

The details of services for operation and maintenance work differ depending on the issues. In all cases, however, it is important to get the PDCA cycle going. Specifically: (i) developing familiarity with the client's current situation; (ii) study action for improvement; (iii) accumulate study data; and (iv) feed back the accumulated data to improvement measures. To establish safe and stable plant operation, comprehensive measures are required, including system configuration studies, the revision of operation procedures and human resources development, in addition to operation and maintenance (O&M) improvement and facility reforms.
TOYO achieves further improvement in the safe and stable operation of your plants, through proposals on comprehensive measures that take advantage of its engineering capabilities for plant construction.

TOYO offers

New maintenance method is now concerned from the point of view of safety management or maintaining facility to achieve environmental protection or minimizing life cycle cost. TOYO offers support service to make client's facility management or maintenance plan better with applying latest method taking into account of risk.
Preventive maintenance procedures are introduced for facility management to identify potential risks that could lead to production being deferred and to prevent such cases, thereby supporting our customers in achieving even safer and more stable operation.
TOYO proposes a total solution for the issues drawn by the engineering approach quantitatively from the viewpoint of business process, information system and facility.
Based on our comprehensive range of engineering expertise, Toyo Engineering offers the means of extending the service life of aged facilities from the viewpoint of minimizing lifecycle costs.
In today's aging society with fewer children, we are facing the challenge to inherit the technologies. TOYO has been developing methodology for resolving this issue since 1993. Based on these experiences, we can help clients in diverse industries.
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