Message from the President

The President and Chief Executive Officer, Haruo Nagamatsu

CEO Haruo Nagamatsu

Since its founding in 1961, TOYO has implemented a wide range of projects on the global stage by fully utilizing engineering technologies and project management capability.

TOYO sets up its mission as “Engineering for Sustainable Growth of the Global Community” and contributes to development of the countries and the regions in the world through providing solutions to the various needs of the clients.
TOYO’s operational area covers wide range of business fields such as energy development, oil & gas related facilities, petrochemicals, infrastructures including power generation, railway and water treatment, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. TOYO is now executing projects in the world through demonstrating comprehensive power of TOYO group by utilizing its group companies rooted in various regions worldwide.

By continuing to make ourselves adapting flexibly to change of global circumstances and corresponding quickly to fit market needs, TOYO strives for maximizing its client’s value and pursuing to become "Global Leading Engineering Partner" as its vision.

President & CEO
Haruo Nagamatsu