Relying on its extensive experience in plant EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), TOYO has played important roles in infrastructure projects, including power generation, transportation, pipelines for carrying water and petroleum. This involvement has expanded our project portfolio.

Business Description

Infrastructure projects such as power generation and transportation systems, effective use of water resources, and pipelines require similar capabilities as Hydrocarbon plant construction, like project management, specific design, equipment and material procurement as well as construction management capability. TOYO taps its accumulated experience in execution of infrastructure projects to satisfy needs of our clients.

TOYO offers

As it is well known, demand for electricity, which is indispensable in the industrial and civic sectors, grows in tandem with the economy. TOYO is well positioned to responds to the needs of clients in the engineering and construction of desired various types of power generation, be it conventional or renewable type.
A modal shift from road to rail is taking place worldwide in transport sector to overcome issues related to air pollution, traffic congestion and overall environmental concerns. To facilitate this shift, TOYO Infrastructure Business division caters to railway construction projects that draw supports from technologies and specialists while fulfilling role as a system integrator.
To utilize the precious and limited water resources on Earth most effectively, TOYO offers a wide range of services in relation to water, including project planning, facility design, engineering and construction.
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