Toyo's Activity and Service

Granting of License

As a licensor of urea processes and related technologies, Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO) offers various types of contracts from a direct license to the client to an indirect license through engineering firms. TOYO provides technical service to support the engineering work (so called EPC work) such as basic/detail design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance based on own knowhow and experience as engineering contractor.

Project Execution (EPC)

TOYO is not only licensor but also worldwide engineering contractor. As the contractor, TOYO supplies the complete urea plant to the client on a turnkey lump-sum basis. Therefore TOYO can control all technologies to be used for the design, engineering, construction and operation of the urea plant without sublicensing agreements. This ensures smoother and simple project execution under single contractual responsibility of the contractor.

Assisting service for Operation

TOYO provides following assisting services for smooth and easy operation of Urea Plant for client.

  • Operation training for client operator (Class room style with OTS, OJB at actual urea plant)
  • Dispatching operation supervisor
  • Consultation service and follow up support after acceptance for operation.

Assisting Service for Maintenance

TOYO provides following assisting service for effective maintenance and safe control for client of Urea Plant.

  • Dispatching specialist for material and inspection for client’s maintenance and inspection activity
  • Consultation service for maintenance and inspection
  • Life cycle management service by LCMS/RBM/RBI
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