Partner and Alliance

Engineering Contractors

TOYO grants its license of urea technologies to world wide and experienced engineering contractors in Indonesia, India, China, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, France, Iran, Russia and Brazil etc and has keeping relation of partner and alliance with them.

Joint Development and Technical Corroboration

TOYO has developed urea technology not only by itself but also jointly with partner companies or introducing technologies related urea production.

Joint Development

  • ACES21® : PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja, Indonesia
  • DP28W™ : Sumitomo Metal Indudtries Ltd, Japan
  • On-line Analyzer : Mitsui Chemicals, Inc

Technical Corroboration

  • Tuttle Basket : Tuttle Prilling Systems, USA
  • Vibro-Priller : KCVT Kholin Chojnacki Vibro Technologies sp. z o.o., Poland

※ ACES21 is a registered trademark of Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan.
※ DP28W is a trademark of Toyo Engineering Corporation and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation(NSSMC).

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