3,000 t/d methanol plant
at Oman Methanol Company L.L.C.

Methanol plants produce methanol at a high purity. This is done through a catalytic reaction that uses syngas produced from natural gas and other hydrocarbons, employing the steam reforming and/or auto-thermal reforming.
Demand for methanol is growing rapidly as fuel for blending with gasoline, as feedstock for methanol-to-olefin (MTO) plants and as intermediate feedstock for DME (Dimethyl Ether) used as fuel.

TOYO’s proprietary methanol synthesis reactor, MRF-Z®, which applies multi-stage, indirect cooling and radial flow type configuration, enables construction of plants equivalent to a capacity of 5000 – 6000 ton/day with a single reaction vessel. To date, TOYO has experience executing 13 methanol projects, both in Japan and abroad.

MRF-Z® Methanol Reactor


3,000 t/d methanol plant at Oman Methanol Company L.L.C.
3,000 t/d methanol plant
at Oman Methanol
Company L.L.C.

The specific features of the reactor with multi-stage and indirect cooling type configuration accomplish energy saving, i.e. efficient recovery of the reaction heat as steam generation. The generated steam is equivalent to about 50% of steam required for steam reforming of the corresponding syngas production for methanol synthesis. Compared with axial flow configuration, the radial flow feature of MRF-Z® reactor realizes reduction of pressure drop over the catalyst bed by about one-tenth and thus it is possible to save energy for recompression of unreacted synthesis gas up to the inlet pressure of the reactor. Furthermore, it is easy to scale-up along with the direction of the reactor height while keeping the size of reactor diameter, i.e. maintaining same pressure drop of the catalyst bed, and thus the possibly largest amount of the catalyst can be loaded in a single reactor vessel.

In addition, as the operating conditions of the reactor are relatively mild, the life of catalyst can be expected longer and there is also less possibility to have sintering or mechanical deterioration of the catalyst. Maintenance work such as change-over of the catalyst at the end of life is therefore easy and simple. MRF-Z® reactor is employed in 6 projects of the TOYO’s methanol projects to date.

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