EO/EG (Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol)


TOYO has much experience of EO/EG plant construction.

Since TOYO constructed the first EO/EG Plant in Japan, which was licensed by Shell, we have constructed, sixteen (16) plants in various parts of the world. Most of those plants have been awarded in the last decade and it reveals the Customer's high reputation for TOYO's achievement in the construction of EO/EG Plants. EO/EG is raw material of polyester, etc. Major process technology can be summarized into three processes such as Shell, SD (Scientific Design), and Dow Chemical where most of EG is produced in the world. TOYO has the experiences in the construction with all three licensors, whereas most of the experiences are with SD technology.
The technology considering the energy saving and less investment cost and TOYO has contributed to the plant cost reduction of new plant by the application of our extensive experience.

In Saudi Arabia, three plants are in operation, and the largest 700,000 t/y plant in the world is under construction.

In July 2005, TOYO was awarded 700,000 t/y EG plant for Saudi Arabian company, utilizing the process technology by SD. In Saudi Arabia, 3 EO/EG plants constructed by TOYO are in operation.

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