Gas Field Development


In gas fields development, it is important to clearly identify the structure and properties of the underground gas accumulation and accommodate them in surface facilities. The gas reservoir field data is the basis for development of exploration and production planning, which takes into account the economic efficiency and lifecycle cost of the field development.

Development planning of gas fields

After obtaining the mining concession rights and confirmed the existence of the gas, a development plan is prepared. Based on the evaluation of gas reservoir analysis results, the development planning of the gas field, including gas processing facilities planning on the ground, is established to optimize the gas production. In this planning, the gas recovery is optimized considering the gas production profile, gas properties and composition change over the gas production lifetime. Unlike with oil fields, the determination of the Plateau Rate, along with the amount of recovered gas and associated condensate, has a major impact on a feasibility of the project including the initial investment cost efficiency. In particular, because the break-even point for the gas field development is generally low compared to oil fields, the development plans need to be established taking long-term stable recovery into consideration.

Sample for Basic Data for Gas Field Development

Sample for Basic Data for Gas Field Development

Gas field development planning and implementation

Since the gas reservoir pressure is higher compared to that for oil fields, greater attention needs to be paid to the type, number, location of the development wells, the location of the gas processing facilities, and planning of gas processing methods. Consideration is are also required for toxic gases (H2S and others) contained as impurities, corrosion by gases and clogging caused by hydrates formed due to associated water. It should also be noted that development methods for minimizing environment impact by the gas development are currently being actively studied, considering diffusion not only of toxic gases but also of carbon dioxide that exacerbates the greenhouse effect in view of conserving the global environment.

Although the degree to which the gas reservoir performance fluctuates is smaller to that of oil fields, the gas composition and production conditions are constantly changing during the production. TOYO takes pride in its record of success in the numerous gas field development projects in which it has engaged, for development planning that considers the fluctuations and facility planning and construction work based on the plans.

Sample flow diagram of gas processing facilities

Sample flow diagram of gas processing facilities

Production monitoring and enhanced recovery technology

Production rate sometimes falls below the Plateau Rate during the gas production. At such times, additional recovery techniques are studied, including Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR). TOYO provides the engineering services to maximize the recovery volume through consultation with the client, including the development of neighboring gas fields (chasing) and selection of the recovery techniques for maintaining the gas reservoir pressure.

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