Preventive maintenance


Preventive maintenance procedures are introduced for facility management to identify potential risks that could lead to production being deferred and to prevent such cases, thereby supporting our customers in achieving even safer and more stable operation.

Accident increase in high-pressure gas production facilities

The figure shows the change in the number of high-pressure gas accidents between 1997 and 2007. The number of accidents occurring at general production sites has increased each year, and tripled over the five-year period since 2002. The most frequent cause of these accidents is facility deterioration caused through wear & tear and corrosion. This indicates that facility management to prevent problems before they occur is crucial.

Change in the number of accidents at high-pressure gas production sites; as of the end of December 2007 (Prepared using data published on the website of the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan)

From corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance

To prevent problems before they occur, it is important to appropriately introduce the concept of preventive maintenance to facility management. We help our customers incorporate preventive maintenance program from the stage of corrective maintenance where immediate repairs are conducted for broken parts. We achieve this by integrating the following elements: preventive maintenance in a narrow sense of the term, in which inspections and repairs are conducted periodically; predictive maintenance, in which facility conditions are monitored to determine the timing for inspection and repair; and proactive maintenance, in which a broader range of situations (operating conditions, fluid composition and others) is monitored to prevent facility failures before they occur.

Progressive maintenance strategies

Progressive maintenance strategies

Full support for optimum facility management

To achieve safe and stable plant operation, it is important to strengthen the three pillars of facility management, namely the personnel, the technology and the processes. In relation to personnel (cultivating human resources), it is necessary to optimize training and organization. With regard to the technology (maintenance and inspection technology), risk-based analysis methods such as RBI and RCM and computerized maintenance management system(CMMS) are applied. With regard to the processes (business processes), maintenance planning based on the maintenance philosophy, the execution, evaluation and improvement of the maintenance plan are important. Based on its engineering expertise in plant construction, TOYO proposes comprehensive measures that appropriately combine applied analysis, consultation to improve business processes and experience in introducing systems. Through these efforts, we will achieve greater enhancements in the safe and stable operation of your plants.

The three pillars of facility management (personnel, technology and processes)

The three pillars of facility management (personnel, technology and processes)

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