Knowledge Management


In today's ageing society with fewer children, companies face an essential mission in passing on technologies and improving efficiency if they are to maintain and strengthen their competitiveness. For this purpose, knowledge management accompanied by business reforms are necessary.
Since 1993, TOYO has developed tools for handing down technologies and improving business efficiency, helping to resolve the issues that are encountered in projects. We have developed know-how while applying tools in actual business processes. Relying on this experience, we are helping clients in diverse industries to configure their knowledge management systems.

Business Description

Diagnosis on the level of technological inheritance

In the stage prior to introducing knowledge management system and others, the scope and organization of technological inheritance are clarified. We then offer consulting services to identify the degree to which technologies are being passed down in your organizations and business activities considered. This would clarify the issues regarding your organizations and business activities, enabling schemes to be prepared to optimize the process.

Survey on current business process flow and Establish business process to be achieved

The current business process flow is analyzed for tasks for which knowledge has accumulated, and TOYO's unique work flow description method is used for describing what documents are being used and how, as well as the basis for judgment (AS-IS model). This way, the issues to be tackled regarding handing down of technologies would be clarified. Based on the AS-IS model, the optimum business process flow for knowledge management will be described as the TO-BE model.

Structuralization of knowledge required in business

It is important to make everyone involving to inherit knowledge, and the way of searching knowledge, which easily tend to disorder, is to be independent of individuality. Sharing Knowledge between all members is realized by means that predefined keyword is related to the each knowledge. It is important to choice appropriate key word which is a distinctive, and not duplicated, TOYO offers appropriate advise to be based on the experience. That makes it possible that knowledge information will be structuralized and everyone retrieve the knowledge to be wanted

Incorporating knowledge management system in the work flow

To employ the knowledge management system well, it needs to be incorporated in the business process flow. TOYO offers consulting services on the method and procedures for everyone to use the system and obtain results.

Effective use of information on paper that contains know-how
(technical materials, study documents, reports, etc.)

TOYO analyzes the situations of accumulation, storage and usage of the documents considered, and make a proposal on methods for effective sharing of the information among the personnel who handle the same element technologies. Then, we assist you in converting the information on the paper into electronic data.

Settlement of knowledge management

Practical application of knowledge management consists of the step for improving usability of the introduced system. The system is operated to suit the model incorporated in the work flow configured, so that the system is made to fit to actual work flow through trial and error. At the same time, the keywords are refined. If prompt effect is demanded, registration of data in the past is done at the same time.
In this step, assignment and role allocation to the KM manager, KM personnel and supporting staffs are important. TOYO offers appropriate consultation based on its abundant experiences in the field.

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