Enhanced operating efficiency


Even with automated and optimized plants, the plant still constitutes a production system along with the people who operate it. Generating maximum profit from plant facilities requires maximizing the sophistication and efficiency of work involved in plant operation. TOYO employs engineered methods to quantitatively clarify and analyze operation tasks. At the same time, we approach the accompanying issues from the three aspects of business processes, systems, and facilities, to that we can propose a comprehensive solution.

Analysis method for each operation mode

Although the term operation work is applied broadly, the analysis methods and viewpoints for improvement differ depending on the plant operation mode. TOYO offers analysis methods suited for each of the three operation modes, namely routine operation, start-up and shut-down, and brand switching.
In the work analysis for routine operation, the volume of work for each item based on the work function analysis is surveyed, and strategies for work reduction are developed based on the targets set and results of work value evaluation. In the work analysis for start-up and shut-down, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is prepared based on the work description survey and PERT diagrams (*) are prepared in accordance with pre- and post-limitation analyses, to develop optimum work plans under time and resource restrictions. In the work analysis for brand switching, the work in progress for brand switching is clarified for each minute, to identify truly problematic tasks both in terms of work at sites and work in the measurement room.

(*)Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) diagram: shows a work flow for completing the project in the shortest possible time.

Cumulative worker numbers graph

Cumulative worker numbers graph

Use of expert knowledge

TOYO personnel with experience in plant design and operation conduct interviews and analyses directly, so you can convey issues about the work process without stress, as if you were talking with your own people. When developing measures, we supply specialists in each area of technology to support the project team. Consequently, you can find highly effective solutions backed by technologies.

Applying optimum tools

In a world first, we have developed a wearable camera for use as a tool for recording video and audio of operation and maintenance work on site in an explosion-proof environment. We have also developed a data analysis method, and have sought to bolster the efficiency of analysis work, by developing a tool for importing the work list obtained through interviews as a Gantt chart in MSProject(*). TOYO keeps track of the latest technologies to help its clients enhance operating efficiency.

(*)MSProject is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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