XY Router®Automated Line Changeover System


In manufacturing worksite in Phamaceutical, Fine Chemical, Foods, line switching operation is need that various raw materials and/or various items to be handled.
In these fields, it has been adopt with such as "valve block" which is a combination of speciality valves, "connecting hose with human operation", "swing bent".
These switching operation, have some advantages respectively, has not been appropriate method necessarily because of issue of highly cost, consideration of cross contamination, the liquid pool in valve header, mistake of connection, delay of operation, issue of work environment.
So that's why TOYO develops automated line changeover system called "XY router" as optimized solution for line switching.


  • It can be automated line changeover notwithstanding pipe size.
  • It can be installation automation system with cheaper cost rather than using automated valves as same as automation system.
  • It is safe because it is consist not to occur the cross-contamination in principle.
  • Misconnection has never occurred because it is full automation.
  • Add/change piping can be handled with low cost and short term.
  • No branching in the flow path, product loss does not occur.

Concept for automated line changeover system "XY router"

XY router is consist of hose, coupler, and the unit to be drive. Couplers on the tip of the hose will move linearly in the X-direction grid above. The movement in the Y direction grid above, and connect at the intersection coupler at the other end. Hose is not only move in one-dimensional, it does not get entangled with each other. Hose because each move in all separate, transfer of liquid is possible in parallel only line number of minutes. There is one side passes and both sides piping type hose type.

Support technology

Coupler is the various type in the scene of use. Any coupler has the safety consist not to do leak the fluid to keep the pipeline if it doesn't work because of not supplying the power. Hose should be selected depending on the application.

Application Examples

Introduction Examples

PharmaceuticalsMaterial input5
PharmaceuticalsInter-reactors transferring6
Helthcare ProductsProduct filling1
BrewageInterim product transferring1
BeveragesProduct filling4
WaxMaterial input2
Lube OilProduct filling1
AutomobilsPaint application1
Experiment facilities-1

※ XY Router is a registered trademark of Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan.

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