TOYO realizes the "Multi-plant" that both to reduce construction and operation costs and keep the quality(GMP), furthermore to respond to be easy to change. We configures various pattern of "multi-plant" to be matched of the client's unique needs.

To construct the "multi-plant"

TOYO has the many experiences in consideration, design, construction for various patterns of "multi-plant", so that we can use these experiences that to suggest and realize "multi-plant" to respond appropriately to the client's various needs.

Total engineering for "multi-plant"

Methodology / tools

To respond the client's various needs. TOYO takes into consideration of optimization for various point of views with using the methodology we developed and/or tools.

Widely ranges of knowledge and experiences

The various patterns of "multi-plant" which to adopt automation facilities in maximum, to respond to adopt minimum facilities and automation in needs to aim at reduction for initial cost, to pursue maximum flexibility such as clinical facilities and so on, we have many both knowledges and experiences to configure "multi-plant".

Multi-Plant that meet various types of needs

Main consideration points of configureing multi-plant

  • Strategic positioning of investment for facilities
  • Full-term market trends scenario
  • Consideration of the number of production items, the number of species, volume for manufacturing, and change of forecasts
  • request for the production method (campaign, parallel production, and so on)
  • Demands of scalability and flexibility
  • Demands of management level
  • Layout planning / building / air condition plan (take into consideration of GMP / usability / cost)
  • Demands of level for automation (take into consideration of GMP / usability / cost)
    • -Switching and washing method
    • -Transfer and transport method
    • -Control system
  • Client's unique issues, and so on...

Our some experiences for automated multi-plant

  • Adopt "XY router" which is the facility of automated line changeover system
    to supply of raw materials and transfer between the tanks
  • Realizing for automateion by the batch control system
  • Use maximum for gravity flow system by layout multilayer the reaction
    vessels and these components

Multi-Plant domain

A diverse range of solutions are presented, with a fixed/mobile tank (boiler) as one parameter and the nature of the fluid bodies handled as another.

Flow diagram for the proposed solution

Flow diagram for the proposed solution

※ MILOX is a registered trademark of Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan.
※ XY Router is a registered trademark of Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan.

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