Containment Engineering


Demands associated with the handing of highly active pharmaceutical ingredients have increased, necessitating containment engineering at plants that manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients. To provide engineering work that is appropriate for containment facilities, it is necessary to develop facilities to suit various situations where powdery materials are handled, taking into consideration the properties of the powdery materials, the quantity, the work procedures and the allowable exposure.
Relying on its experience in the handling of powdery materials at wide range of plants, TOYO configures optimum containment facilities to suit the production facilities and procedures at the worksite.

Steps in containment engineering works

Experience in technological introduction

Nihon Medi-phisycs Fukuoka laboratory

This is a plant that manufactures radioactive pharmaceutical products.
Tight containment measures are being provided in consideration of the nature of the products being handled.

Shionogi&Co.,Ltd. Tokushima branch High Potent API Plant

Fujimoto Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Pharmaceutical Company A

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