Effective use of Water Resources


The 21st century is often referred to as the Century of Water. Water is precious as it supports people's lives and running of industry. However, usable water resources are limited. Effective use of water resources is becoming an increasingly important issue, in view of the global environment concerns and economically efficient way of treatment for industrial as well as municipal sector. In order to treat this vital resource in best possible manner, TOYO has executed several projects like Water Supply & Sewage treatment Business Plan, Non-Revenue water reduction project, Recycle and treatment of wastewater as well as efficiency enhancement of several industrial waste water treatment and re-use/recycle facilities.

Our Business

To make the most effective use of the limited water resources, many industries in recent years are required to re-use the treated waste water and to increase the efficiency of water use by integrating water treatment facilities. Taking advantage of our expertise, knowhow cultivated through the provision of many water treatment facilities that accompany oil refineries and petrochemical plants as well as project management capabilities in smoothly implementing large-scale projects, TOYO offers the best solutions that integrate complex water treatment processes.

Engineering that implies effective use of water

Diverse technologies are available for making effective use of water. Among those which can be recalled easily are “Water purification technology” for producing drinking water as well as industrial water, “Water Supply technology” for pumping clean treated water at appropriate pressure, “Leakage Detection and Prevention technology” for maintaining the town water supply over long distance as well as “Effluent Treatment Technology” “Recycle Technology” applicable for the industrial wastewater, “Sewage Treatment technology” for treatment of domestic household sewage. Undoubtedly, these are the technologies that touch our everyday life. TOYO has put all these technologies in use at one or other of the several projects it has executed.
Project by project, the concept of the treatment process varies according to the type, quantity and quality of the waste water from the production facilities, the balance between the water demands and supplies as well as the constraints of the surrounding environment. Leveraging on the knowledge and expertise of the main process plant (production unit), TOYO offers optimum and effective water treatment systems that satisfies customers' requirements and needs.

Non-revenue water (NRW) reduction projects / Myanmar Yangon City Initiatives

Non-revenue water (NRW: Non-Revenue Water), is amount of water that is pumped through the supply system but not earning revenue due to leakage loss. Some of the developing economies are reported to have a water leakage over 40%, causing real big concerns! On the other hand, local community in Japan who are entrusted to operate the water supply system record near 0% of NRW and poses the requisite technical knowhow. TOYO in collaboration with Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, (Tokyo Water Services) executed a project at Yangon, Myanmar for reduction of non-revenue water. Before execution of the project, the NRW was reported as high as 77%, which was reduced to 32% just after 4 months after enforcing the project. Moreover, the area covered under the project used to receive water every other day for a few hours of day, now started getting water round the clock.

Even these kinds of Solutions!

Computer Graphic of Water Purification Plant

The needs for water treatment arise not only from industrial facilities.
The water treatment plant built along Hibiya moat outside the Tokyo Imperial Palace (outer garden water purification plant for the Imperial Palace) was built using TOYO's proprietary technology. For the water treatment (drinking water) plant built in Narita City (formerly Shimofusa Town) in Chiba Prefecture, TOYO supported the municipal corporation to execute the project as the project consultant. In the project, TOYO realized both the cost reduction and quality assurance at the same time and oversaw smooth implementation of the engineering and construction works. TOYO is keen to provide industrial solution to your water related issues from a broader perspective. The benefits of our solutions include our mastery over water treatment engineering technologies and project management capabilities.

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