In emerging countries such as Asia and Africa, traffic congestion due to overcrowding of the city it is becoming increasingly serious. Demand for "railway" as "environmentally friendly mass transportation means" is increasing.
By leveraging full use of "engineering capabilities" and "project management capabilities" acquired during execution of large-scale plants and long-distance pipeline projects, TOYO continues to be engaged in transportation systems business.

Our Business

The transportation system projects construction call for expertize in combining several systems together which have diverse, advanced technologies, viz. a role that demands "system integration capability".
This "system integration capability," recognized as the true value of an engineering company is where TOYO brings its specialist skills in electrical engineering, communication, control, mechanical, civil engineering and architecture - all together to offer “One Stop” services in transportation system business.

Jakarta, Indonesia subway (MRT) project

In order to alleviate the traffic congestion which is becoming serious day by day, Jakarta city in Indonesia considered Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT) project as a solution. The project is promoted as Yen-loan assisted railway system project (15.2km, 13 Station) and is advancing gradually.
TOYO was awarded this project with the consortium formed by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Kobe Steel, Ltd., and our local affiliate PT. IKPT. This consortium is responsible for Project Management and System Integration providing the Track Work / Overhead Contact System / Substation System / Signaling System / Transmission System / Automatic Fare Collection System / Platform Screen Doors / etc. (E&M Package) . The project is racing toward completion within year 2019.
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